What is good cause to extend time?

People seeking Social Security Disability benefits will often have to appeal at least one denial before they qualify for benefits. To avoid starting over with a new claim, applicants must request an appeal within 60 days of receiving notice of the Social Security Administration’s decision. This is generally a strict deadline. However, the SSA recognizes Read More

When is a decision final?

The Social Security Administration’s rules state that a Social Security Disability determination cannot be reopened after 12 months without good cause. Even with good cause, Chicago applicants only have four years from the decision date to request that a determination be revisited. Generally, a decision is final after this deadline. However, applicants who failed to Read More

Why does the SSA have Acquiescence Rulings?

The Social Security Administration follows strict rules when determining whether people with disabling conditions qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Applicants in Chicago often believe these policies are fixed. However, when rulings by the United States Court of Appeals contradict existing SSA policies, clarification of the existing rules is necessary. Acquiescence Rulings are the SSA’s Read More

How Long Do Social Security Disability Appeals Take?

Many Social Security Disability applicants in Illinois will have to go through the appeals process before receiving benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, in 2010, 50.7 percent of all SSD claims were denied initially. Unfortunately, appealing a claim decision adds to the already lengthy application process. The length of time an appeal takes can Read More

How Do I Write a Social Security Disability Appeal Letter?

Denial is not an uncommon outcome for Social Security Disability claims filed in Illinois. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration gives applicants the opportunity to challenge denied SSD claims. A well-written appeal letter is an important part of this process, as it lets the applicant describe why the SSA’s decision merits reconsideration.