What Are the Age Categories for SSD Benefits?

Disabled workers can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits after they turn 18, if they meet other eligibility criteria. Many applicants in Chicago believe this is the only way age affects their claims. However, the Social Security Administration uses age categories and age-based assumptions to evaluate whether a person qualifies for a medical-vocational allowance. If Read More

Include all impairments when applying for SSD

Providing full medical documentation when applying for Social Security Disability benefits is essential, as many people in Illinois know. Unfortunately, many individuals overlook the importance of including all of their physical and mental impairments on their SSD applications. Some severe physical or mental conditions automatically merit benefits. However, many disabling conditions do not independently meet Read More

How Can I Prepare for a Social Security Disability Review?

The Social Security Administration conducts continuing disability reviews to determine whether Social Security Disability benefit recipients still qualify as disabled. During these reviews, the SSA considers the recipient’s medical condition and work activity to determine ongoing eligibility for benefits. People in Illinois can prepare for upcoming reviews by gathering necessary information and maintaining strong medical Read More

Helping People with the Application for Social Security Benefits

The application phase of receiving disability benefits can be the most important phase. If done wrong can entirely stop an individual from ever receiving the disability benefits they deserve. The critical areas claimants make mistakes in are how they apply, how they answer the initial questionnaires and how they treat the people at the Social Read More

What types of medical evidence do you need to apply for SSD?

Medical evidence often plays a critical role in determining whether Social Security Disability applicants in Illinois receive benefits. This evidence helps establish the disabling condition, its duration, its likely prognosis and its effects on the victim’s life. Given the decisive influence of medical documentation, it is crucial for SSD applicants to meet the Social Security Read More