The 5 Top Resources for Social Security Disability Information

Finding reliable social security disability information online can be challenging. Here are five top resources to help you navigate the web to reliable information. If you find yourself needing to apply for social security disability insurance (SSDI) or supplemental security income (SSI), you likely have many questions. Am I really disabled enough to qualify? How Read More

What is the difference between the listings and the grids?

The Social Security Disability evaluation process may seem arbitrary to many people in Chicago. However, the Social Security Administration uses two specific tools to determine whether a person is disabled. “Blue Book” impairment listings contain guidelines for evaluating specific medical conditions, while medical-vocational grids establish rules for determining ability to work. People seeking SSD benefits Read More

How does ADA interact with the SSA rules?

Chicago residents who live with disabling conditions often face challenges when trying to work. If these individuals do not receive reasonable accommodations in the workplace, they may be able to make claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act. People pursuing ADA claims may also be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. ADA claims and SSD Read More

What is an acceptable medical source?

Medical evidence plays a huge role in determining the outcome of Social Security Disability claims. In 2010, just over half of all SSD claim denials at the initial level were made on a medical basis, according to a report from the Social Security Administration. The SSA establishes strict standards for medical evidence, including the use Read More

5 Qualities You Should Look for In Your SSD Attorney

A Social Security Disability attorney can help SSD applicants avoid filing mistakes, provide proper documentation and understand the claim process. Hiring an attorney can make a significant difference in the outcome of a claim. Still, Illinois applicants will only see these benefits if they choose the right representative. Applicants should consider the following factors before Read More