Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security

Can I speed up the application process?

Generally speaking, you can do very little to make the Social Security claim go any faster. In fact, the only way you can honestly say that a person can speed up the rate at which the claim is processed is by making certain that they have everything they need submitted when they put the claim in for the initial application. (Read More…)

Does any illness automatically qualify me for disability benefits?

The short answer to this question is simply: no. There is no condition that automatically qualifies you to receive Social Security benefits. However, there are conditions that have their own criteria for qualifying as disabilities as far as the Social Security Administration is concerned. (Read More…)

What do I do if I am denied SS benefits?

It’s very common for people to be denied Social Security benefits. In some cases, these individuals set themselves up for a lot of frustration by simply reapplying for the same benefits over and over again and never getting anywhere with it. (Read More…)

Is it harder to get SSDI benefits for a mental condition?

One of the functions of SSI is to provide people with mental disabilities with a secure source of income. Some of the people who have mental conditions that may, indeed qualify, as disabilities don’t end up applying for the Social Security benefits that they could receive. (Read More…)

What are the basics of Social Security benefits?

Social Security benefits have some unique characteristics to them that make them unlike most other types of benefits paid out by the government. For example, your Social Security disability benefits are partially dependent upon both your vocational history and your medical history. (Read More…)

What does Disabled really mean to the Social Security Administration?

The Social Security Administration uses many different criteria to determine whether or not a person is actually disabled. When they make this determination, however, they are also using a particular definition of the word disabled. (Read More…)

What does Social Security want to know about me?

In order to approve your disability benefits, the Social Security Administration will take a look at three primary pieces of information about you. These will all be considered in tandem, along with other information, to determine whether or not you receive Social Security disability benefits. (Read More…)

What is substantial gainful activity

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) is one of the main criteria by which the Social Security Administration determines whether or not you’re actually disabled. SGA is actually tied to a specific dollar amount. Currently, that dollar amount is $1,000 per month. (Read More…)

Why do attorneys matter in Social Security Appeals?

If you’re thinking that the reason most people get turned down for Social Security disability benefits to which they are likely entitled is simply injustice, think again. Many of the people who get turned down get turned down because they fail to turn in all of the paperwork that they needed. (Read More…)

Will disability examiners contact my employer?

One of the most important pieces of information that disability examiners need to know is how your disability impacts your ability to work relative to your work history. Your work history, in fact, is absolutely vital for them to determine whether or not you’re disabled. (Read More…)

Are Certain Medical Conditions Always Approved by the SSA?

There are some conditions that are almost guaranteed to result in approvals for Social Security benefits. The key term there is “almost”, however. (Read More…)

Can I Take Social Security Payments in Child Support?

There are two types of benefits to consider in answering this question. SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is designed to provide a safety net for those who cannot provide for themselves. SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is a part of what you get for paying taxes. (Read More…)

Can I Work and Get SSI?

You can work and receive social security benefits. There is a threshold based on SGA, which stands for Substantial Gainful Activity. (Read More…)

Do Children Have a Better Chance of Getting Social Security Benefits?

Children have less of a chance of getting Social Security benefits, in many cases. They can get benefits, in some cases, but.. (Read More…)

Does Social Security Automatically Decline Applicants a Set Amount of Times?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not decline people a certain amount of times when they apply for benefits. There is no policy or procedural reason for this. (Read More…)

Does the Social Security Administration Deny Benefits to Save Government Money?

No. The Social Security Administration is not a budgetary committee. The Social Security Administration denies benefits based on whether they believe that the applicant has a legitimate and pressing need to receive those benefits. (Read More…)

Should I File a New Application to Appeal My Social Security Disability Denial?

You should not. There is an appeals process established by the Social Security Administration that you should use to appeal denied claims. (Read More…)

What is the Purpose of a Social Security Medical Exam?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may choose to have you examined by a doctor as part of your application process. This is likely if you haven’t been to a doctor recently. (Read More…)

Will A Doctor’s Letter Get My Social Security Claim Approved?

A letter from a doctor that backs up your claim for disability most certainly can help your case. That being said, there are a couple of caveats that you need to keep in mind. (Read More…)

Will Alcohol or Drug Use Ruin My Chances at Getting Disability Benefits?

The most important element in answering this question is determining whether current drug or alcohol abuse is a proximate cause of your disability. If it is, then your claim will likely be denied. (Read More…)

Will I Receive a SSDI Decision Within 120 Days?

There’s no guarantee when you’ll receive a decision on whether or not you’re going to get Social Security benefits. The process can sometimes take well over a year. (Read More…)

Will Social Security Deny Every Claim on the First Attempt?

No. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has no policy that dictates that they have to turn down claims on the first attempt. (Read More…)

Will Social Security Pay My Back Benefits?

Applying for, and receiving, Social Security benefits can take a very long time. For that reason, the Social Security Administration will cover your benefits from the time you applied until the time you are approved retroactively. (Read More…)

Will the Social Security Administration Automatically Approve Me if I Have Been Approved for VA Benefits?

No. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has different policies regarding the approval of disability benefits that are much different from the Veteran’s Administration policies. (Read More…)