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Buffalo Grove lawyer heads local Bar Association


All he has ever wanted to be is a lawyer, and now Neil Good wants to help young adults become lawyers as well. The rewards of working with the law are numerous, he said…

But the appeal of it is tougher to put into words. “I like lawyers, and I like the law,” he said July 26. “I don’t know how to explain it.”

But he said he knows what to do with it: Good is the newly installed president of the Northwest Suburban Bar Association. Sworn in earlier this summer, the Buffalo Grove resident said two of his primary goals for the office are to promote the NWSBA’s continuing education classes and improve the web site to better assist those already in the business.

“It’s as much as you make of it,” and Good said he hoped to make a lot of the presidency.

Julie Barth, the NWSBA’s executive director, said she was excited to see what the group’s new leader will produce.

“He was always a very forward-thinking person,” Barth said July 26. “The membership sees him as someone who, before he was president, always had the best interests of the bar association in mind.”

The NWSBA is a 52-year-old collection of about 650 attorneys who either live or practice any form of law in the northwest suburbs. As with many professional clubs, ascendance to the presidency first requires years of work in lower offices; Good successfully ran for the office six years ago, and has been moving through the circuit of other duties as the six-year officers’ rotation played out.

“Neil’s been very close and very active in the bar association for many years,” Barth said. “It’s quite a road to get to the presidency.”

For Good, the road began in high school: He said he did not excel in his classes, mainly because none of them related closely to the field he already knew he wanted to enter. He picked his GPA up in college, though, as he started studying law.

Good entered the field as a general practice attorney, but found that his greatest passion was for disability law, and has since focused on that. Along the way, Barth said that Good developed the NSWBA’s Continuing Legal Education program in the accredited and revenue-generating system it is now.

She also spoke of his commitment to showing teens the impact that lawyers can have. Under Good’s direction, the association’s  Invitational for high school students, held every February for the past 16 years, has increased to 26 teams and attracts 13 real judge to hear arguments and about 50 NWSBA volunteers to keep things running.

“Neil is the one who had seen these performed in high school cafeterias,” Barth said. Dissatisfied with those locales, Good hit the right connections and got the event moved into Cook County’s Third District Courthouse, in Rolling Meadows.

His next project, he said, is to revamp, the web presence of the Palatine-based group. The site has plenty of information about the organization, Good said, but needs more resources — and easier ways to find them.

“It doesn’t have, really, what you’d call search-engine optimization,” he said.


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