Results of Neil Good Cases

Read the results of some of our more recent favorable social security disability cases

61 Year Old Woman with Diabetes Mellitus Awarded SSD Benefits
Learn how Samantha Smith, a 61-year-old female who suffers from arthralgia’s arthritis and Diabetes Mellitus was awarded SSD benefits.

55 Year Old Female with End Stage Liver Failure Awarded SSD Benefits
Emily Hampton is a 55 year old woman with End Stage liver failure who was awarded SSD benefits. (Read more...)

A Middle Aged Female Assembly Line Worker with Manic Depressive Disorder Awarded Social Security Benefits
Anne Jones is a 48 year old female who was employed on an assembly line and was awarded SSDI benefits for Manic Depressive Disorder and PTSD. (Read more…)

IT Specialist with Sickle Cell Anemia Awarded SSDI Benefits
Kathy is a 51 year old IT Specialist who is afflicted with sickle cell Anemia/Thalassemia crises with fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain, anemia, pulmonary embolus, avascular necrosis of the left shoulder and left hip. She also has mental disabilities. (Read more…)

50 Year Old Female with Degenerative Disk Disease Awarded SSDI Benefits
Bethany Smith twisted her back in an automobile accident. As a result she has lumbar degenerative disk disease and cervical stenosis. She also has neck, hand and leg pain, with difficulty ambulating. (Read more…)

Cardiac Arrhythmia and Additional Physical Disabilities Were Cause for Social Security Benefits for Middle Aged Female
Jane Jefferson is a 40 year old female  with cardiac arrhythmia who was awarded SSDI benefits. She worked as a cashier in a home goods store from 2001 to 2004. Prior to that time she worked in customer service at a clothing store from 1997 to 2000.(Read more…)

50 Year Old Female Suffering from Diabetes Awarded SSDI Benefits
Erica Jackson is a 50 year old female with Diabetes Mellitus was awarded SSDI benefits. She was employed in home care. She suffers from Diabetes Mellitus with uncontrolled sugars and A1C’s, neuropathy of the hands and feet, foot edema and sores, right knee joint space narrowing, asthma, hypertension, obesity and depression. (Read more…)

57 Year Old Garbage Collector with Rheumatoid Arthritis Is Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits
Jacob Nigel is a 57 year old man with Rheumatoid Arthritis who was awarded SSDI benefits. He worked as garbage collector and driver for a waste management company from November 1973 to May 2008. Mr. Nigel has rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity. Mr. Nigel tested positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in multiple test results. (Read more…)

Man in Late 40’s Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits for Severe Spinal Injuries
Jason Smith is a 47 year old male who worked as a machine operator at a factory from June 2006 to November 2006 and in 2005.  Mr. Smith was also employed in the parts department of a repair shop from 2004 to 2005.Prior to this  he was employed as a truck loader for a factory from 2003 to 2004 and as a machine operator from 1995 to 2003. (Read more…)

Social Security Benefits Awarded to Middle Aged Woman with Lumbar Stenosis
Anna Johnson was a 54 year old female who had several administrative jobs.  She has disorders of the spine, with lumbar stenosis and degenerative disk disease.  Anna had three failed back surgeries in one year.  Additionally, she went through other more conservative methods of treatment.  In spite of her surgeries, she has not recovered the ability to ambulate effectively.  In addition to making employment not viable, the disabilities impede her performance of  basic life functions.  In tandem with her limited physical capacity, she suffered from depression with mood swings. (and more…)

Social Security Disability Benefits Awarded to Man with Cardiac and Psychological Disabilities
Robert Harrison is a 60 year old man who worked as a service technician for a commercial food equipment repair company from 1985 to 2008.  He has a history of cardiac complications.  These complications include abdominal aneurysm and an abnormal EKG which led to a hospitalization.  Mr. Harrison suffers from cervicalgia with neck pain, leg edema with numbness and tingling and arthritis with joint pain and swelling.  He also suffers from hypertension and high cholesterol. (Read more…)

Social Security Benefits Awarded to a Mother with Spinal Injuries and Mental Conditions
Janet James is a 40 year old female, who is married with two minor children.  In 2009, she applied for Social Security Disability benefits.  She worked as a flagger for road construction from September 2006 to November 2006 and also worked as a cashier.  Prior to this job, she was employed doing administrative/secretarial work. (Read more…)

60 Year Old Woman with Severe Auto Accident Injuries Awarded SSDI Benefits
Annabelle Walker is a 61 year old female with severe auto accident injuries who was awarded SSDI benefits. She worked in an office from 1994 to 2009. She was severely injured in an auto accident from more than twenty years ago and suffered multiple fractures to her pelvis, tibia and left ankle fractures. (Read more…)

63 Year Old Female Travel Advisor Suffering From Cancer Is Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits
Bridget Johnson is a 63 year old female who was awarded SSDI benefits due to cancer. She worked as a travel advisor and travel consultant for various travel agencies from 1991 to 2004. Ms. Johnson was diagnosed with cancer and also suffered from carotid artery stenosis with vertigo, adrenal adenoma, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical stenosis, lumbar degenerative joint disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, hypertension and depression. (Read more…)

46 Year Old Female Healthcare Tech with Degenerative Joint Deficiencies Is Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits
Beth Abigale is a 46 year old female who was awarded SSDI benefits for degenerative joint deficiencies. She worked as a program tech for a health care facility from May of 2005 to April of 2008. Prior to that she was a bank teller from 1993 to 2005. She was injured on the job in June of 2007 by mlifting a patient from a wheelchair to a bathtub. She also had rotator cuff tendinopathy and wrist neuropathy. Ms. Abigale has had no relief from her ailments with more conservative modalities of treatment. She also suffers from migraines, IBS and obesity. Ms. Abigale also suffers from depression and dependent personality with GAF 30. (Read more…)

56 Year Old Male Auto Parts Worker with Liver Failure Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits
Zachary Jones is a 56 year old male who was awarded SSDI for liver failure. He worked in sales for an auto parts distributor from September 2004 to April of 2005. Prior to that he worked in parts for a motorcycle company from 1997 to 2003. He also worked as a construction estimator in electrical construction from 1990 to 1996. Mr. Jones has cirrhosis with liver failure, chronic Kidney disease and severe lower extremity neuropathy. (Read more…)

College Teacher with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Awarded Social Security Benefits
Joseph Rodriguez is a 58 year old college teacher who was awarded SSDI due to his vision and psychological impairments. He worked as a college teacher from 1988 to 2006. He has Type II Diabetes Mellitus, background diabetic retinopathy, loss of vision in his left eye, hypertension and depression with anxiety. In late September of 2008 Mr. Rodriguez was diagnosed with left total retinal detachment. His vision problems led him to have cataract surgery for his left eye in September of 2008.(Read more…)

Woman With Premature Ventricula Complexes Wins Social Security Benefits
Darla Smith is a 51 year old female who won SSDI benefits after her initial application and reconsideration were denied.  She worked as a server at various restaurants from 1993 to 2008. She also worked as an operations manager for a paint company in the summers of 2003 and 2004. Darla had severe heart problems, seizures requiring hospitalization, respiratory failure requiring intubation and other respiratory problems. (Read more…)

40 Year Old Female Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits for Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia
Jane Jefferson is a 40 year old female  who was awarded social security disability benefits for her heart condition. She worked as a cashier in a home goods store from 2001 to 2004. Prior to that she worked in customer service at a clothing store from 1997 to 2000. Ms. Jefferson suffers from recurrent cardiac arrhythmia, with Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia. In addition to her heart conditions she suffers from migraines and headaches, lumbar facet changes, asthma, gastritis, hypertension and high cholesterol, thyroid enlargement, obesity, depression and anxiety.
(Read more…)

46 Year Old Male Suffering from Multiple Psychological Disorders Is Awarded Social Security Benefits
Andrew Harris is a 46 year old male who was awarded SSDI benefits for multiple psychological disorders.  He worked in April 2009 for a cleaning company. In 2007 he worked in retail stores as a stocker and cashier. Prior to this he worked in assembly and as a fork lift operator at factories. Mr. Harris has a history of coronary artery disease with stent, low back pain, migraines and headaches, hypertension and asthma. He was in two car accidents in 1993 and 1996. In addition, Mr. Harris has depression, auditory hallucinations, bipolar disorder and anti-social personality disorder.
(Read more…)

58 Year Old Male Suffering from Spinal Disorders Awarded Social Security Disability Benefits
Aaron Jacobs is a 58 year old male with spinal disorders who sought Social Security Disability Benefits.
He attempted to return to work from December of 2008 to February of 2009, where he worked as a book sorter at a library. Prior to this time he worked from 1978 to 2003 as a carpenter/floor installer. In 2001 he worked as a hotel maintenance man.
(Read more…)

Fifty Year Old Female with Diabetes Mellitus Awarded SSDI Benefits
Erica Jackson is a 50 year old female who was employed in home care. She suffers from Diabetes Mellitus with uncontrolled sugars and A1C’s, neuropathy of the hands and feet, foot edema and sores, right knee joint space narrowing, asthma, hypertension, obesity and depression.
(Read More…)

Former Sales Engineer Awarded Social Security Benefits for Severe Spinal Disabilities
James McAllen is a 60 year old man, who was employed a sales engineer in automation machine manufacturing in 2003. Prior to that he was a sales engineer in machinery sales in 2002. Mr. McAllen also worked as an account executive for a personnel agency from 1999 to 2001 and was employed as a sales engineer in machinery manufacturing from 1985 to 1999.
(Read More…)

Surgery, Therapy Fail to Bring Recovery; Benefits Sought
Kenneth Barr had earned a degree in electrical engineering and opened his own electrical contracting business. At the age of 28, the married father of three felt a snap in his lower back while lifting a 300-pound manhole cover with a hook. He developed pain, spasms, and couldn’t move his leg. (Read More…)

Multiple Conditions Afflict Claimant
Theodore Sherman had worked as an insurance agent and auditor and at car dealerships. At age 55, experiencing chronic pain and difficulty walking after surgery on his great toe, and suffering from depression and peptic ulcer disease, he became unable to continue working. (Read More…)

Back Pain Persists; Benefits Awarded
Laura Hill, a 38-year-old divorced woman with three children, was giving product demonstrations in a supermarket when she injured her back lifting. She was diagnosed with a herniated disk in her lower spine at L5-S1 and degenerative disk disease. She tried to return to work several months later but was only able to work for a few months. (Read More…)

Union Carpenter Suffers Degenerative Disk Disease
Teresa Kohler, a divorced mother of one, worked as a union carpenter for nine years. She developed degenerative disk disease in her lower back. At age 41, she underwent an L5-S1 fusion with cages. The surgery failed to relieve her back pain. Four years later, Kohler left her job. (Read More…)

Knee Condition Renders Woman Disabled
Real estate agent Katarina Novak, 39 and divorced with two children, injured her knees while gardening. MRIs showed a tear in the meniscus in both knees. Her injuries required a partial meniscectomy on her right knee followed by the same surgery on her left knee a month later. (Read More…)

Cascade of Ailments, Including PTSD, Wins Benefits
Robert Fields had suffered through many misfortunes in his life. When he was 7, he was shot in his left eye with a BB gun. After his divorce, he was raising his four young children as a single parent. In 2005, he lost his house and belongings, including two cars, in Hurricane Katrina. Then, at the age of 41, he injured his back moving furniture at work and became disabled. (Read More…)

Combination of Impairments Result in More than Minimal Limitations
At the age of 40, wife and mother Margaret Parsons, suffering from deepening depression and having thoughts of suicide, was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for a week. There, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. (Read More…)

Depression, Bipolar Disorder lead to Benefits
Edward Cassini has struggled with depression much of his life, being hospitalized for the first time at age 13. He was hospitalized four more times before age 18. Cassini was placed in special education classes in school. He spent time in a juvenile correction institution. He managed to complete his high school education by getting a GED. When he was 18, he spent a year in a behavioral health hospital. (Read More…)

Brain Aneurysm Sufferer Receives Benefits
Briana Treptow, a college-educated divorced mother of one, worked as an office manager at a medical clinic. At age 48, she developed acute symptoms of confusion, forgetfulness, nausea and vomiting. She was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. (Read More…)

Diabetes, Neuropathy Lead to SSD Benefits
JoAnne Hughes was only 31 at the time of her hearing in front of the Social Security Administration’s Administrative Law Judge. She had worked several different jobs for seven years, including customer service representative, cashier and waitress, until diabetes mellitus type 1 and resultant neuropathy left her unable to work. (Read More…)

Disability Case Involves Multiple Injuries
Shapoor Hotak was the married father of six children, four of them under the age of 18, when he was going through the Social Security Disability process. He had worked for 25 years in the import business and the insurance and mortgage industries. Now, at 52, after sustaining several injuries over the years as well as suffering the effects of diabetes mellitus, physical impairment and pain were making it impossible for him to continue working. (Read More…)

Benefits for a Young Woman with a Cerebral Aneurysm
Anna Marciano, single and with one child, was only 28. She had worked several jobs, including as a waitress, receptionist and cashier. One day she was found on the floor, unconscious and foaming at the mouth, in a grand mal seizure. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm, and a coil embolization of the aneurysm was performed. (Read More…)

Benefits for a Young Man with Multiple Impairments
Eric Olson, married with four children, was only 34 when multiple impairments left him unable to continue working. The high school graduate had worked at various jobs for 14 years, most recently in construction and housing rehabilitation, and he was eligible, in terms of employment and quarters needed, for Social Security Disability benefits. (Read More…)

Benefits for Individual with Diabetes with Gastroparesis
Gloria Wozniak, 53, is married, with two adult children. At age 10, she was diagnosed with diabetes, which was treated with insulin injections. For the past several years, she had been using an insulin pump. She worked in auto and medical supplies sales until complications due to the diabetes left her unable to work. (Read More…)

Benefits for Parkinson’s Syndrome Sufferer
Sarah Richards, a college-educated married mother of two, first noticed tremors in her left hand when she was 45. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Syndrome. She began treatment for the disorder and was able to continue her successful career as a financial analyst at a healthcare company for two more years, until she was terminated due to her inability to perform her duties. (Read More…)

Benefits for Combination of Impairments
Sometimes claimants have multiple health issues, which, together lead to a determination of disability.
Timothy Miller, a 52-year-old divorced father of two, was unable to continue working as a sales representative. He filed for Social Security Disability but was denied. He turned to Attorney Neil H. Good to appeal his case. (Read More…)

Benefits for Narcolepsy
Paul Adams was only 37 when Attorney Neil H. Good represented him at his Social Security Administration hearing. Adams, married with no children, had suffered from a sleep disorder his entire life. He completed two years of college and worked as a computer support specialist for 15 years before his disorder rendered him unable to continue working. (Read More…)

Benefits for AIDS Sufferer
Alan Walker, 51, who has AIDS, is a veteran of the United States Air Force. After getting out of the service, he worked as a civilian employee of the Air Force for nine years and then as a packing operator for a laboratory for seven years. After living with AIDS for more than a decade, Walker began experiencing periods of dizziness and could no longer continue working. (Read More…)

Applicant Turns to Neil H. Good for Help
Sometimes a case seems self-evident, and approval a foregone conclusion. And sometimes those cases turn out to be problematic. That was the situation with Matthew Lembrook. He’d suffered catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident that occurred when he was nearly 40. Injuries included a broken neck, nose, jaw and vertebrae; brain injury and memory loss. (Read More…)

Illinois SSD Attorney Helps Younger Man Win Benefits
Arun Patel was at the relatively young age of 40 when he had a hearing before the Office of Adjudication and Review (ODAR), in his effort to win disability benefits. Attorney Neil H. Good represented Patel, including organizing and presenting the medical evidence and advocating for him at the hearing. (Read More…)

Police Officer Wins Benefits
After being injured in the line of duty, after seeing 15 doctors, after being denied twice, after finding an attorney and going through a hearing before the Office of Adjudication and Review, George Granger was approved for Social Security Disability benefits. (Read More…)

Having an Attorney Can be Invaluable
An attorney well-versed in the Social Security Disability system can be an invaluable help to a client trying to navigate that system’s sometimes choppy waters. And sometimes the result is quick action. (Read More…)

An Advocate Can Make a Real Difference
There are cases, where an advocate makes all the difference. For Tomas Quinones, his case received an additional review prior to the hearing requested by attorney Neil H. Good. And PRIOR to Quinones’ hearing, his case was decided in his favor. He had already applied for benefits and been denied. Applied for reconsideration, and been denied. Neil H. Good amassed an array of evidence and wrote a detailed pre-hearing memo that offered this evidence in support of Quinones’ case. (Read More…)

After Hearing, Benefits Approved
Stephanie Van Cleve had worked as a real estate agent and office manager for a real estate firm for 15 years before being injured on the job and subsequently disabled. She was hit in the face by a board. The end result, attorney Neil H. Good said in his pre-hearing memo, included jaw pain, clicking and popping; abnormal job movement, a severe reduction in the ability to open her mouth; inability to chew and difficulty eating. (Read More…)

Bi-polar Disorder Sufferer Wins Benefits
Wendall Blake, age 59, married and with children, was found disabled “because of a bipolar disorder so severe that you are unable to perform any work existing in significant numbers in the national economy.” (Read More…)

Favorable Decision Announced From the Bench
Carrie was 49 when she applied for disability benefits. Her case went through many of the possible steps, including application, reconsideration, appeal and then a hearing, and she was ultimately awarded benefits dating back nearly eight years. (Read More…)

Carotid Endarterectomy Leads to Complications
Casey Underwood was only 45 when he underwent a carotid endarterectomy. The surgery had after-effects that ultimately led him to being ruled disabled and eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. (Read More…)

Even Young People Can be Disabled
At age 39, Jesus is considered “young” by Social Security Administration standards. He nonetheless won disability benefits, after being injured doing factory work in 2008. The judge noted in his decision Jesus’ young age and that Jesus is considered illiterate in English. (Read More…)

Veteran Suffering from PTSD Receives Disability Benefits
Max, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other issues, is now receiving Social Security Disability benefits. In fact, an attorney advisor approved his benefits before the scheduled hearing could even be take place. (Read More…)

Attorney a Valuable Advocate from the Very Beginning
Frequently, those applying for Social Security Disability benefits seek an advocate only after first attempting to navigate the process on their own. That’s a wise decision, as statistics routinely show that having an advocate well-versed in the disability process increases odds for successfully obtaining benefits. (Read More…)

Long Journey Goes to Appeals Council; Debbie Wins Benefits Where Only 2 Percent Do
Only 2 percent of cases that go to the Appeals Council result in favorable decisions. Debbie, represented at the Appeals Council by Attorney Neil H. Good, is one of those 2 percent. (Read More…)

Heart Condition is a Disability for Jose
Jose, 52, is receiving Social Security Disability benefits, after being turned down twice, at his initial application and again after seeking reconsideration. His favorable decision came after a hearing before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), at which Jose’s case was presented by Attorney Neil H. Good. (Read More…)

Severity of Impairments Equals SSA Listing
Maria has received a fully favorable decision from the Social Security Administration and now is receiving disability benefits. Her impairments, the judge rules, “cause marked restriction in activities of daily living, moderate difficulties in maintaining social functioning, marked difficulties in maintaining concentration, persistence or pace, and one to two episodes of decompensation, each of extended duration. (Read More…)

Sjogren’s Syndrome Sufferer Wins SSD Benefits
Mary Anne suffers from Sjogren’s Syndrome. The 50-year-old woman is now receiving Social Security Disability benefits, after receiving a Fully Favorable decision from the Social Security Administration. That decision came after a hearing before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR), at which Mary Anne was represented by Attorney Neil H. Good. (Read More…)

Impairments Don’t Meet Listing, But Edward is Disabled, Nonetheless
Edward, age 30 and considered a younger individual by the Social Security Administration, has been granted Social Security Disability benefits. The judge ruled Edward does not have an impairment or combo of impairments that meets or medically equals the severity of one of the listed impairments, but that his ability to work is so limited that he was found “disabled” and eligible for benefits. (Read More…)

Case Decided Favorably … BEFORE the Hearing
Sometimes, a case is clear enough that disability benefits are granted before the case is even heard. That was the situation for “Martin,” age 51, who had suffered a stroke several years earlier. (Read More…)

After Being Turned Down Twice, Daniel Wins Benefits
He applied. He was turned down. He applied for reconsideration, and was turned down again. Finally, after a hearing before the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) and a subsequent fully favorable decision, Daniel, age 61, began receiving Social Security Disability benefits. (Read More…)

Impairments Markedly Restrict Daily Living
The judge ruled that Jordan suffers from several severe impairments: coronary artery disease, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, somatoform disorder, personality disorder, depression, syndrome and/or polymyalgia rheumatica and chronic fatigue among them. (Read More…)

Age and Residual Functional Capacity Are at Issue
A 51-year-old man who was a trucker for nearly 10 years before being injured in a slip and fall on the ice while at work, has received a fully favorable decision from the Social Security Administration and is now receiving Social Security Disability benefits. (Read More…)

Clients Older than 50 Meet Different Standards
Those applying for Social Security Disability benefits who are older than 50 meet a different standard than those who are younger. (Read More…)

Anxiety Disorders Meet Requirements of Listing of Impairments
Martha, age 44, who has been unable to work for two-plus years, has received a fully favorable ruling…The administrative judge found her disabled because of anxiety disorders so severe that “your impairment(s) meets the requirements of one of the impairments listed in the Listing of Impairments. (Read More…)

Favorable Decision Comes Just 1 Day After Hearing
A 28-year-old client from the near western Chicago suburbs has received a fully favorable decision… The judge made his ruling just one day after the hearing. The judge said the client suffered from “personality disorder so severe that your impairment(s) meets the requirements of one of the impairments listed in the listing of impairments.” (Read More…)

Case Involving Supplemental Security Income
Recently, a 46-year-old McHenry County woman received a favorable decision for her claim for Supplemental Security Income. She suffers from several severe impairments, the administrative law judge ruled, including: degenerative disease of the lumbar spine and shoulder, bipolar disorder, manic disorder, personality disorder and asthma. (Read More…)

Favorable Decision after Slip and Fall Accident,Residual Functional Capacity
Recently, a 51-year-old client of Neil H. Good received a fully favorable decision from the Social Security Administration…She had fractured a bone in a slip and fall accident four years before her hearing. Nearly a year after the accident, she had surgery which did not result in full relief or recovery. (Read More…)

Favorable Decision after Multiple Medical Impairments
Each disability case is different and frequently involve not only more than one impairment but also more than one facet of disability case law. (Read More…)

Favorable Decision after Single Impairment, Seizure Disorder
While it is true that frequently a combination of impairments leads to a ruling of impairment by an administrative law judge, sometimes claimants win benefits while suffering just one impairment. (Read More…)

Extreme Disability Can Bring About a Prompt Ruling
In some cases, a disability is so extreme and a case so clear that advocates seek a ruling as soon as possible. And sometimes the Social Security Administration listens…That is the case with a 46-year-old man who recently was found disabled “due to kidney failure, proliferative diabetic retinopathy and retina disease. (Read More…)