50 Year Old Female Suffering from Diabetes Awarded SSDI Benefits

Erica Jackson is a 50 year old female with Diabetes Mellitus was awarded SSDI benefits. She was employed in home care. She suffers from Diabetes Mellitus with uncontrolled sugars and A1C’s, neuropathy of the hands and feet, foot edema and sores, right knee joint space narrowing, asthma, hypertension, obesity and depression. Ms. Jackson is left hand dominant. The diabetes caused neuropathy of the left hand as well as the right. Ms. Jackson also has difficulty ambulating.

Ms. Jackson applied for Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security Administration denied her claim for benefits at her initial application and at her reconsideration. Ms. Jackson filed for a Social Security Administrative hearing to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. Attorney Neil Good outlined for the Administrative Law Judge that Ms. Jackson suffered from Type II Diabetes with blood sugars difficult to control. This caused neuropathy of the hands and feet, which makes the ability to perform fine and gross motor movements very difficult.

Mr. Good further orated to the Administrative Law Judge that the x-ray of Ms. Jackson’s knee showed joint space narrowing with osteophyte production and bony irregularity in the posterior articular surface of the patella, likely degenerative in etiology. This makes her ambulation challenging. Ms. Jackson must elevate legs. She does not have the ability to climb stairs, squat or bend which also severely restricts her traveling ability. Ms. Jackson suffers from asthma, hypertension and obesity. In addition to her physical disabilities she suffers from depression. It causes appetite disturbance with change in weight and sleep patterns, decreased energy and difficulty concentrating or thinking. The physical disabilities, in tandem with the depression make any vocational pursuits unfeasible. This makes basic life functions, as well as recreational activities impracticable.

The Social Security Administration awarded Erica Jackson Social Security benefits. They ruled that Ms. Jackson was not able to perform her past relevant work. All of her physical disabilities impeded her ability to work.

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